Good Vibes Calming Organic Eye Soothers



Good Vibes Calming Organic Eye Soothers - BAJA ZEN. These eye pillows offer peaceful vibrations to the mind, body and soul with lavender scent notes.


Good Vibes Calming Organic Eye Soothers


  • Materials: flaxseed, lavender wrapped in organic cotton .
  • Eye Soothers can be used for cold therapy, aromatherapy and offer a calming acupressure effect.
  • 100% cotton with a hot pink silk backing.
  • Size : 8"x4"
  • Handmade with premium flaxseed and naturally healing.
  • Scent Notes : French lavender
  • Freezable these soothers are made for instant cooling relief and stress reduction.
  • Eye Soother remedy tired, puffy eyes and tension headaches.
  • Cold therapy, aromatherapy, and calming acupressure effect
  • Hand-stamped design

SHOP AMLA BEAUTY TIP : We love eye soothers for travel great for those long trip and they also keep your luggage smelling fresh.