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Amanda Mills L.A.


Welcome to the whimsical world of Amanda Mills Los Angeles !


Amanda Mills Los Angeles is a highly curated online luxury fashion destination. Shop AMLA is a small start-up E Commerce store for women by women. The Amanda Mills L.A. lifestyle brand gives shoppers an exclusive experience that blends California sensibility with cosmopolitan flair.

Amanda Mills Los Angeles

Part online boutique, Part digital magazine, Amanda Mills Los Angeles is a highly curated lifestyle brand and exclusive shopping experience that blends California sensibility with cosmopolitan flair. Amanda Mills and her team of buyers scour the planet and carefully assemble a collection that supports the well-traveled woman that is globally conscious. Amanda Mills L.A. stands against the abuse of animals and the fur trade. We as a company only source from vendors that have been vetted making sure no man, woman or child was endangered and paid a fair wage while making the products we sell. Many of our vendors and designers support schools,health care and a safe harbor for women  and children around the world living on the margins.


Ultra modern, exclusive and super laid back we feature personal and home items that define how you look, feel and experience your world. Our group of proven experts delivers a continuous stream of information and ideas that will keep you curious and inspired. Learn how to make a delicious meal from a renowned chef, or craft the perfect cocktail along with our favorite mixologist.


Amanda’s Story


Amanda Mills Los Angeles E Commerce store and lifestyle blog- was created after the tragic loss of her fiancé’ to suicide in the summer of 2014. She had two choices to become a victim or survivor. Her goal to start a company not just to make money but also to encourage other women, that they too had a way out and a path to happiness. A company for women by women that from the comapnies profits she would provide philanthropic funds to bring hope to others in need. Not the easiest choice for a tiny start up but a needed one. A goal that serves as a reminder too not only remembers where we came but direction of where we choose to go.


“There is a light at the end of the tunnel – This I promise. If you fall and we all surely will we use one hand to help others and the other to help ourselves get back up and back into the light. We are all one ocean with many waves. No matter what keep going.”- Amanda


AMLA Mission Statement for our Readers


Find new depths of inner peace and emotional balance with tips from the world’s leading yoga and meditation teachers. Find love for yourself and practice showing love to all people and let love rule.
Explore exotic off the grid destinations with our insider city guides, and discover ways to create a tranquil and harmonious home. Make Peace with your body and get to know yourself on a soul level. Find happiness in your situation if your single practice self love and if your married take time for you. Heath awareness articles from nutritionist and from the best eastern and western doctors around the world.
Amanda and her team give you the skinny on all you need to know while at large in the world.
Hilarious and real, her inimitable style makes her an irresistible read. And we speak fluent sarcasm and love a good laugh for laughter is the best medicine.

Amanda Mills L.A. Luxury Fashion Destination




Amla Gives Back?  My story is either tragic or beautiful it depends on the eyes you choose to see it from. My birth Mother was sixteen years old when I was born. She had no means to care for me so she selfishly gave me up for adoption. When I was six days old two angels appeared to take me home, I call them Mom and Dad. There was not a week that went by that I did not see my parents do more for others than did for themselves.


AMANDA MILLS L.A.So, what exactly stays the vision of this Amla Gives Back?  We at Amanda Mills Los Angeles support community and global focused charities that serve the overlooked needs of women and children at risk and living on the margins. We provide funds for children with disabilities and diseases as well as support activities outside of hospital walls. We support charities that help injured veterans as they assimilate back to civilian life and provide aid and resources for their metal health needs. We work to bring attention to the challenges facing the LGBT community and equality for all people. Amanda is all about animals we fund animal rescues in the United States and Africa. We give to those out on the front lines making the world a safer place for all humans in need and to all creatures with no voice.  Get Involved 


Need a safe space to land ?  SHOP AMLA is a great spot to read an inspiring article or maybe get some supportive sass from another woman out there breaking the glass ceiling .  Looking for a  conscious spot to shop with no pressure ? Please consider us at  AMLA


amanda mills L.A.