Beige Fur Jacket



Beige Fur Jacket is made of 100% lamb fur and lambskin. This luxurious fur jacket details a notch lapel and smooth, delicious leather lining to keep you warm and comforted. Wear this over skinny dark-wash denim or a sleek skirt. One size.


jenny chase opened her eponymous multi brand designer showroom fifteen years ago. she specializes in introducing emerging european collections into the luxury market.

she has launched and/or worked with promoting, marketing and distributing distinguished labels such as brunello cucinelli, coast (moncler), allegri, annapurna, greg lauren, ruffo, avant toi, faliero sarti, agnona, mason’s, versace, d&g, fendi, lorena antoniazzi, prandina, shelly litvak, temple st. clair and gregory parkinson.

she currently markets and sells her collections to the top tier boutiques and department stores both in the us and worldwide and works with a tightly curated selection of talented designers, artists and artisans such as campomaggi, caterina lucchi, ottotredici, botto giuseppe, samantha sung, natalie martin, maria la rosa, milano parigi, prive 45, feathered soul, blue area, viola parrocchetti, aviu, lorenzini, marios, miki thumb, wlns, zhor & nema, leather crown, little doe, and untitledition, matilde, collection privee, and iou.