Brass Thread Jewelry Designer Spotlight
6 May

Brass Thread Jewelry Designer Spotlight

Brass Thread Designer Spotlight . This luxury jewelry line is custom made in Texas by husband and wife team Jessica and Jason McMahon.



Brass Thread Jewelry Designer Spotlight-amanda mills la


Brass Thread Jewelry Designer Spotlight  -Our favorite couture accessories project comes to us from  designers of Lilah Gabriel, Jessica & Jason. Brass Thread is a design house concept. This designing duo creates fine jewelry, textile, and furniture design. Merging their talents this husband and wife bespoke design team creates a very limited edition capsule and custom creations .The McMahon’s creations are featured on the pages of INSTYLE and Elle Magazine.


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Brass Thread by Lilah Gabriel now at SHOP AMLA

Designing duo, Jessica and Jason McMahon. hava a marriage made in artist heaven. Jason grew up in Houston, Texas where his parents were both artists so he grew up in and around art museums. His father a skilled carpenter taught Jason art of furniture making . Jessica grew up in Houston as well, but spent the summers across the world with her extended family in England. Her grandfather and great uncles owned textile companies, which is where Jessica’s fascination with fabrics began. Spending a lot of time in the UK, she was exposed a diverse style that would shape her well known design aesthetic.


SHOPAMLA designer spotlight -Brass Thread by Lilah Gabriel



Brass Thread Jewelry Designer Spotlight



As Jason was working with a company in Texas perfecting his fine jewelry craftsmanship, Jessica started studying at Pratt University at just 17 years of age, where she received a BFA in Fashion Design. Jason has designed and created custom fine jewelry pieces for a multitude of clients, including athletes, socialites and musicians. Jessica has worked for numerous well-known apparel companies and designers in both New York City and Houston.  The two met while collaborating on a private jewelry line and from there it seemed that the formation of Brass Thread was destiny, as well as their real life marriage.

Inspired by the elaborate beadwork of The Huichol People



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Brass Thread Jewelry Designer Spotlight-amanda mills la


Brass Thread Jewelry Designer Spotlight-amanda mills la


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