A few words about our founder and CEO, Ms. Amanda Mills

Texas native and now forever California girl, Amanda Mills was born in Dallas and raised in Houston. Amanda grew up playing with the animals on her family’s ranch and designing her own dresses, enlisting the help of her maternal grandmother. “I would go to the drug store, buy the latest issue of Vogue, tear out a photo that I loved and take it to my grandmother and say, ‘I love the bottom of this dress but can we change the top..?’ I had no idea I was editing Chanel and Valentino, but my grandmother followed my directions perfectly. I remember she told me things should be as pretty on the inside as they are on the outside—for fashion and for life!”


With a degree in Social Work and Psychology, and graduate work in Psychology and Art History, Amanda has always been passionate about understanding what people desire and why. This former swimsuit model and international party girl is now a PR pro, luxury event planner, and devoted yogi with over 2000 registered hours training with the likes of masters Shiva Rea, Steve Ross, Tom Morley, Erich Schiffmann, Matthew Cohen, Dharma Mittra, Dr. Eden Goldman and the Loyola Marymount Yoga Therapy Program directed by Larry Payne. Amanda’s rich and varied background make her uniquely qualified to serve up the rich and varied best of what the world has to offer with discriminating wit, sophisticated taste, and open-hearted sisterhood. She’s the real deal.


She says, “It is a dream come true to have a lifestyle brand that supports women in not only looking beautiful but feeling beautiful! Everything I’ve ever done has brought me to this point. I have finally grown into my own skin and it’s the most beautiful comfortable design I have ever worn.”