Smock Kaftan Parisian White Top- Place Nationale



Smock Kaftan Parisian White Top- Place Nationale every garment is deliberately unique assembled from vintage materials from France.


Smock Kaftan Parisian White Top

This we promise this beautiful handmade top from Place Nationale is a one-a-kind piece and will never be duplicated .

Get this, Place Nationale’s pieces are a combination of three of four different antique pieces so none of their creations are identical. 

Parisian White Top- Place Nationale


Place Nationale’s lovely collection of vintage finds are locally sourced from the south of France by the duo behind the brand.

Antique French cotton

70’s tablecloths

English lace trim


What to wear in the south of France ? Our Parisian White Kaftan Top designed by Place Nationale now available an Amanda Mills Los Angeles .